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Eye Examinations

We rely on our sight in all aspects of daily life and an eye examination is essential to monitor eye health and maintain the best vision possible. Our eye examinations usually last 45 mins for people of all ages but we will advise you if you require any extra specific tests and how long these may take.

Specialist, Tailored Eye Care

We have a general routine we perform for every patient but as we like to treat every patient as an individual we will tailor the examination similarly, which guarantees you a thorough eye examination. As well as including all tests to check your sight and to see if any vision correction is required we also check for any potential eye disease like glaucoma, cataract, macular degeneration to name a few.

The optometrist will always explain the results of the various assessments and you will be given every opportunity to ask any questions. The recommendations given at the end will take into account factors such as working enviroment, lifestyle and any leisure pursuits you have so we can meet your visual needs in the best possible way.

How Often Should You Have An Eye Examination

  • Aged 15yrs or below every year
  • Aged 16-69 yrs every 2 years
  • Aged 70 years and over every year
  • Diabetic/glaucoma patient every year
  • Over 40yrs with glaucoma family history every year


Contact Lenses

Contact lenses lead you into a world of freedom from glasses and are a great option for many people looking for an alternative to glasses. Whether playing sport or going out for the evening you wont have to worry about damaging or loosing your glasses. Wearing sunglasses wont involve swapping over to your prescription glasses.

Driving at night without the glars becomes a thing of the past. The benefits are endless and we will help you discover the freedom of contact lenses. We fit all types of contact lenses from daily disposable, monthly wear to full time and coloured lenses.

It all starts with us checking to see if your prescription is up to date and a thorough check of the eyes. During the appointment we check precisely the shape,size and curvature of the eyes as well as the relative dryness of your eyes to determine the most suitable lenses for your lifestyle. We will teach you how to insert and remove the lenses so that you can confidently put them in and out every time.

Contact lenses are a madical device and must be professionally fitted with the wearer being educated about their correct usage. Call into our Charleville practice to find out more.