About Us

At Pat O'Leary Opticians Charleville Co. Cork we are committed to providing a highly professional standard of eyecare by investing in the best and most up to date technology and providing a wide range of optical services to suit our patients needs.

We have been providing optical services in cork for over 20 years and we strive to give the highest professional standard of eyecare from when you first arrive,through the examination and dispense, to when you walk out the door.
We have invested in the latest equipment to make sure that your eyes receive the best possible care.

An examination at O'Leary Opticians does not just provide an accurate prescription and eye health check, including retinal imaging. It equally and as importantly screens your eyes for many general health symptoms like high blood pressure,diabetes, high cholesterol and much more.

Patient Information

We believe that by educating and informing our patients they will not only benefit by maximising their vision, but also from having an awareness of how to control or prevent medical conditions that could damage it.

Thats why throughout and at the end of the eye examination, you will be informed of its findings. Medical issues if found e.g. glaucoma,cataracts and macular degeneration will be explained in a straight forward language. A course of action to alleviate or prevent damage will be discussed and referral to a specialist eye consultant will be made, if required, with your informed consent.

Contact Lense Care

Even with more common, manageable problems like dry eye symptoms or blepharitis, the cause of these will be explained and a treatment regime given. At O'Leary Opticians we have a special interest in the field of contact lens fitting and contact lens related ocular surface care. Lenses can improve your vision and give you the freedom from glasses. Our job is to make sure you are wearing the lenses that are most suitable, surpass all your visual demands and maintain excellent eye health.

We are focused on providing value through personal service and by offering the latest technologies from the worlds leading manufacturers. Through our knowledge and experience we will exceed the expectations of our patients in the products and professional services we provide. We look forward to meeting you in Charleville.